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Derek is a highly experienced stunt coordinator and performer, specializing in all aspects of stunt work.

Having a strong sporting background, excelling at boxing, judo, and motocross, all contributed to Derek's decision to pursue a career as a stuntman.

Another requirement was to have a full equity card. So after a successful audition, Derek attended Redroofs Theatre School from 1984 -1987, after which he secured an agent and embarked on an acting career, whilst still training to acquire the remaining skills and qualifications needed to get on the stunt register.

Derek joined the British Stunt Register in 1992 and soon became well known for being able to play the part and perform the stunt.


Over the past 25 years Derek has performed a huge variety of stunts, and is held in high regard within the industry for being a highly professional, innovative and more importantly, safe stunt coordinator and performer.

Derek also specialises in high speed camera tracking and precision driving.

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